Update: Rounding Third Base!

January 7, 2016:

Great news! We have been formally scheduled for kidney transplant surgery on Jan 29 at mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota!

The donor, who wishes to stay semi-anonymous, lives out here in SoCal, so we will all go freeze together, flying out Jan. 27 for the operation.

He is a very giving, resolute man that is a role model for all of us – willing to undergo a certain amount of discomfort/effort creating a huge benefit for someone else.

In response to my last email, I heard back for quite a few people that were going to get physical exams, lose weight, etc.  That is fabulous, and should significantly reduce the number of preventable calamities like mine in the future.

I didn't hear as many resolutions to use the immense skills and talents we all have to extend ourselves to the benefit of others.

My donor has done this, in the words of my 3 year old granddaughter, "in one giant step".  The rest of us can choose to do it that way, or take a number of "baby steps".

Either would be wonderful to those that benefit from your talents, and will give you a sense of accomplishment and inner joy that you will treasure for as long as you stay with it.

I again want to thank you all for your prayers and well wishes - please keep them coming for Grace and I, as well as the donor and his family - we both need and appreciate them immensely.

Bob Dowdell

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