More Links on Kidney Donation, Including Testimonials from Living Donors

Additional Links

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From Tami Winchell, kidney donor:
Donating a kidney was the best decision I ever made.  It wasn't an easy decision, I'll admit.  Initially I just didn't have enough information and had too many questions unanswered.  But as I sought out advice and knowledge from respected doctors and other donors, I learned that not only would I go on to live a normal healthy life, but like my fellows donors, my life would be forever blessed.  Donating an organ to save a life is the most rewarding act I will ever have the opportunity to do.

It has been a year an a half since the donation.  Physically I feel no less with one kidney, and my health remains excellent.  I actually think I might even forget I donated an organ if it were not for the thank you cards I receive monthly on the date of the transplant from my kidney recipient…my eternally grateful husband.

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